We saved thousands of lives and properties


Certified Experience You Can Depend On

As a facilities manager, your job is to ensure the protection of lives and property, as well as making sure you comply with the state regulations and standards. This all starts with a fire protection system that is running on all cylinders – a fire protection system that’s serviced by FPSI.


At FPSI, we install, inspect and maintain fire protection systems no matter how old or new. Our team has a vast archive of knowledge and experience that covers systems of all types – we believe in working with our clients to create a schedule that keeps their fire protection system in top working condition.


Our service technicians are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) in the Fire Alarms category includes:

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   Fire Alarm Systems

  •    Special Hazards Suppression Systems
  •    Testing of Water based systems
  •    Water-Based system layout


We service & inspect the following systems:

  •    Wet sprinkler Systems
  •    Dry sprinkler Systems
  •    Preaction Systems
  •    Deluge Systems
  •    Foam Systems
  •    Anti-Freeze systems
  •    Fire Pumps
  •    Clean Agent Systems
  •    Fire Alarm and detection Systems
  •    Aspirating detection Systems
  •    Fire extinguishers